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This blog is about how to change development aid. It starts off from the discussion that is contained in my new book, here.


The book looks at the rationale and delivery of development assistance in which I have worked most of my career. I want to provide a forum for examining what are the possibilities of development without aid, development with less aid, or development with aid reorganized to achieve the objectives it is supposed to achieve. My hope is to encourage a dialogue on how these goals could be fulfilled. At the same time I believe that in many poor countries the diaspora is a force for change that could effectively replace development aid in many areas.  Here is a summary of the message:

The key questions are:

how far could poor countries assert or re-assert sovereignty over their own development process through a disengagement from foreign aid?

how could donors really help poor countries develop, rather than just fly the flag or seek commercial and strategic advantage?


I grew up in Africa, schooled in Britain and did research in development. I worked briefly  in a couple of multinational private firms but then spent my career in development aid, executing, teaching or consulting in most parts of the World for national and international organizations such as the World Bank where I spent 14 years. I am director of a consulting firm and I live with my family in Arlington, Virginia. I have written a number of papers and two books. I am on [email protected]

 Here are the details of my books.

Reforming the World Bank: Twenty Years of Trial…and Error” (Cambridge University Press, 2009 and 2011)

Reforming the World Bank

Development Without Aid: The Decline of Development Aid and The Rise of The Diaspora” (Anthem Press 2013)

 9780857286239_hi-res[1] Twitter address:  



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